6 Reasons for Taking Admission in the Prestigious Jindal Law School

6 Reasons for Taking Admission in the Prestigious Jindal Law School


Most people look at the law professionals with admiration. I have always wished for a challenging career where I can learn regularly and become a better version of myself. That’s why I took admission into the best law school in Delhi, JGLS or the Jindal Global Law School for my BA LLB course. The five year integrated degree course provided everything that I needed in a course.

Outstanding Infrastructure

The institute has an outstanding infrastructure with excellent facilities for its students. The presence of several facilities just lifts the learning environment to an entirely different level. The classrooms are of adequate size giving us the opportunity to learn the various complex topics in an easy way 

Presence of Great Faculty

The education system of the institute is further benefited by the presence of the talented faculty. The experienced teaching staff helped us throughout the duration of five years of my education in the institute. I have learned a lot that will remain with me forever in my life. 

The Beauty of Integrated Courses

As stated earlier, I have done the five-year integrated course from the institute, the BA LLB course to be specific. It’s a wonderful course that gives interdisciplinary knowledge of various subjects. It’s extremely vital for gaining the knowledge of various subjects as it ultimately going to help us in our legal career.  

Multiple Tie-ups

The institute has multiple tie-ups with several top institutes around the world for improving the knowledge and skill of the students. I have attended several seminars and workshops throughout the duration of my course. I have also taken part in the student exchange program with one of the reputed universities out there. 


It’s a little bit of info for the aspiring law students. The numerous scholarships provided by the institute are a major boon for the students. Some of the notable scholarships are listed below:

  • Savitri Jindal Studentship
  • Shallu Jindal Outstanding Women Scholarship
  • Mrinaldeep Singh Scholarship
  • Naveen Jindal Young Global Scholarship
  • P. Jindal Outstanding Merit Scholarship

Final Words 

I have enjoyed my years at the institute. I learned a lot from the experienced and always helping professors out there. You can consult them for any kind of problem and they will happily solve all your doubts. My life has changed for the better after graduating with the BA LLB degree from this prestigious law school in Delhi.


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