Effective Strategies for Getting Ready for the English O Levels

Effective Strategies for Getting Ready for the English O Levels


English is a compulsory subject in Singapore’s curriculum and substantially impacts how students’ O level English tuition scores are calculated. A high grade can increase a student’s chances of getting into their ideal school and program, while a bad grade can reduce their L1-R5 computation.

Unfortunately, as the school year draws to close, graduating students will have a busy schedule reviewing their work, and teachers in charge of classes with more than 30 students might not have time to help a difficult student.

In order to offer their children the best opportunity of succeeding in the subject and earning a decent mark, it is typical to see many Singaporeans enrol their kids in PSLE English tuition sessions.

Even though tuition lessons are really helpful, your youngster is still likely to worry a little over the forthcoming O Level tests. So here are a few pieces of advice:


Your youngster will need to study for the upcoming O Level exams in more than just English. Additionally, your youngster may feel overworked given the variety of subjects they need to review. Therefore, it is crucial that your child create a study program in order to maximize their revision in a useful way.

A decent grade depends on time management since if your child is continually pressed for time, their revision will probably be haphazard, and they will miss out on key themes and concepts.

Your child may better organize their time, keep track of their revision, and make sure they do all of their coursework on time by following a study schedule. Additionally, studying in tiny doses throughout a period of time is more productive than cramming.


When there are more than thirty students in the class each day, it is logical that an English teacher is unable to schedule a time to deal with each student individually. Having an O Level English tutor might be beneficial in this situation since your child can ask their teacher any questions and receive clarification.

Due to their smaller class sizes, these tutors may devote more time to helping their students discover and strengthen their areas of weakness. These teachers also regularly update their understanding of the O Level curriculum, which enables them to provide their students insightful advice on how to perform well on their essay-writing or oral test.

3. The best revision tool for your child is the 10-YEAR-SERIES.

Many O Level English tutors use the 10-year series as their go-to revision tool when preparing their students for the upcoming O Level exams.

The O Level exams’ several modules and questions may differ slightly, although the fundamental curriculum is typically the same. By practising the 10-year series, your child may assess how well-prepared they are for upcoming tests.

As you progress through the 10-year series, you and your kid may want to go over the provided answers to identify any common mistakes your child may be making. By identifying them and taking lessons from them, your child can avoid making the same errors throughout the exam process.


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