The happy way of learning icse at the academy school, pune

The happy way of learning icse at the academy school, pune


ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is a globally recognized board of schooling. It looks after the overall development of the children. Apart from academics, there is more emphasis on performing arts, language, and extracurricular activities.

The Academy School is an ICSE School in Wakad, Pune. It follows the Finnish style of education. The Finnish mode of schooling comes from Finland. Finland is the number one country in the whole universe that has fully attained true powers over happiness.

It aims to make the child’s approach towards schooling and learning a memorable and happy experience. TAS School in Pune craved to introduce the next revolution in the educational system of India.

The ICSE School in Pune has a lot of fruits of teaching for children in the shape of skipping ropes, counting trees, and DIY experiments instead of textbook lessons in Geography and Science. ICSE board focuses on the practicality of concepts, and The Academy School of Pune wants to deliver precisely that.

The Finnish style of learning doesn’t believe in exams. Instead, it opines in continuous assessment of the children through learning outcomes. The model is more about teaching methodology. Textbooks are reference books, and teachers can plan lessons however they want. The experience of learning concepts is hands-on here in the Preschool of Pune.

In the ICSE board, there are many concepts. These concepts need to be clear right from the basics. The Finnish mode of learning adopted by The Academy School of Pune makes basics a priority. Happy, healthy, and harmonious students who understand the basics and concepts of any theory are the

The ICSE board can get strenuous over time. The Finnish mode of schooling in TAS provides a relaxing, rejuvenating, and recreational atmosphere. This way, the kid enjoys learning and can easily comprehend hard-to-understand concepts.

Finland is the king of happiness. It is not outwardly happiness but inward happiness. This inward happiness in kids gets displayed through their eyes, smiles, and demeanors. At The Academy School of Wakad, Pune, the focus is on the inward bliss of the kids.

For this sole purpose, the CEO of TAS, Maithili Tambe, created a hybrid model of erudition. A hybrid model consists of the ICSE board and the Finnish mode of schooling. She aims to provide education to children based on cooperation, not competition.

Something that is highly rare in today’s competitive educational system in India.

Mental health is a priority. Happiness should become a priority because student suicides in India are at a five-year high. Children are the future of India. TAS focuses on the happiness quotient of children through education. To know more about it, call them at +91-7666906168.


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