Harvey Shapiro Boston – How Is Violence Affecting the Modern Education System

Harvey Shapiro Boston – How Is Violence Affecting the Modern Education System


Little do people know that the modern education system in all parts of the globe is not free from violence and its adverse effects on students. The issue is very much present widely in all countries and not confined to the battlefield of politics. It is here that educators and academic experts need to join hands to spread awareness and stop the factors that contribute to violence in educational establishments. Education worldwide must be free from violence to grow and hone their mental faculties in peace physically.

Harvey Shapiro is an esteemed Clinical Professor at Northwestern University. He lives in Boston. He received his doctorate from the Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion in 1996 in Jewish Education. He has a keen interest in education, philosophy, politics, Hebrew Literature, and literary theory. He is fluent in the Hebrew language and was also a student at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he studied Jewish History and Political Science. He graduated in History from the University of Minnesota, located at Minneapolis.

Besides being a well-respected academician and educator, Harvey Shapiro Boston is an avid lover and keen practitioner of Iyengar Yoga. He loves basketball and hiking; He is a family-oriented person who loves spending quality time with his family. He has three sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren.

The need to stop violence in the modern education system

He is the Editor of The Wiley Handbook on Violence in Education: Forms, Factors, and Preventions that offers readers original research and a collection of comprehensive essays on the troubling problem of violence prevalent in the field of education. This Handbook is a complete and multidisciplinary volume from a large number of academic experts in diverse fields. Together they explore how violence in the various forms of modern education affects the society, its contributing triggers, and contextual nature.

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Violence in education is a grave matter of concern, and academic experts extensively explore the key factors that cause it. After they explore these major causes of violence in education, they offer innovative approaches and perspectives for its prevention and response. They have listed them in the above Handbook, so readers can get an insight into the research undertaken when it comes to the examination of violence from the micro and the macro perspectives

According to Harvey Shapiro Boston this form of violence in education also is prevalent at theschool levels. Young kids are getting exposed to it, and their characters can be severely affected. It is the need of the hour for parents and teachers to be aware of this critical issue at hand. Academicians and educators should come together to identify the forms and factors that contribute to its rise. Immediate measures must be adopted to eradicate violence from the educational system. In this way, schools and colleges can be safe education centers for students to grow and develop their mental and physical faculties in peace.


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