Reading & Writing as a Communication Process

Reading & Writing as a Communication Process


Indra Nooyi says about ‘The Road To Character’, a book by David Brooks: Beyond provoking valuable self-reflection and introspection, it sparked a wonderful discussion with my two daughters about why building inner character is just as important as building a career.

Gulzar, poet, writer and filmmaker, believes that ‘just as life goes on all the time, this process of thinking and writing goes on alongside it.’ Reading and writing are life-transforming habits. They broaden your horizon, expand your vision and make you an enriched person.

Importance of reading

It is said that a book is a gift you can open again and again. Reading plays a crucial role in developing the mind and imagination. It enables us to discover new facts, diverse ideas and viewpoints.

Books open up a whole new world for you. Reading good books on various subjects like literature, management, philosophy, psychology or soft skills unfolds different fields and enriches your mind. Research has proven that readers have a better understanding of human nature. They can analyze, evaluate and summarize in a better way.

Reading is also a skill that is vital in getting good career opportunities. In most of the job interviews, your knowledge base and general knowledge are judged. Without reading, it is not possible to have deeper insights into any subject.

Some people enjoy reading newspapers, journals, magazines or periodicals more than books. That’s not a problem. They are as rich in content as books and equally exciting. The point is to keep on reading and gaining as much knowledge as possible. Putting it across on various creative platforms is another skill altogether.

Importance of writing

Writing is a unique skill. It adds to your vocabulary, improves your ability of sentence structuring, and improves spelling and grammar. Poor writing skills result in a lack of knowledge about punctuation, grammar and spelling.

These writing skills are required for many reasons, like writing your examination papers, projects, presentations, thesis, resume, business letters, reports, and so on.  Report Writing is considered one of the key skill for effective business communication.

You also need to translate or communicate your thoughts and ideas to different people on different occasions. Sometimes the writing has to be descriptive and in detail, while sometimes it has to be concise.

If the writing is meaningful, the writer and his reader form a unique bond. Clear writing generates trust in the mind of the reader. A well-written communication achieves desired results faster.

How to develop good reading skills?

  • Know the purpose of your reading and choose the content and method accordingly. Are you reading a novel for pleasure or for study?
  • Create a reading time during the day. Make reading a habit. Read anything, whether a news article, a fiction, or a magazine.
  • Set a goal for yourself: vocabulary development, gain insights or new perspectives, or something else.
  • While reading, identify certain elements such as core themes, problems and solutions. Don’t forget to take notes.
  • Summarize what you have read and discover your viewpoint on it.

How to develop good writing skills?

  • Whatever you have to write, first understand it thoroughly. Find your idea and purpose, then explain it logically.
  • Make your writing concise and to the point. Do not ramble or make your writing unnecessarily verbose. Keep it reader-friendly.
  • Give your writing a personal touch. Let your personality and your mind-set come across effectively.
  • Know the type of writing you have to do. Is it emotional, poetic, logical, subject-specific, corporate, business communication, or informal?
  • Practice regularly. Write, edit, and proofread various types of texts to master the craft of writing.

Personality development is a journey. Reading and writing contribute to your holistic growth. Start these effective habits today and lay a foundation for a richer future.


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