What are the Features of Angular?

What are the Features of Angular?


Angularjs options

Being having one in every of the powerful frameworks within the market, Angular JS has several options. Let’s cross-check following to grasp regarding its attributes:

1. MVC design

MVC or Model read Controller design is that the primary feature of this framework. This feature hikes up the worth of the framework in terms of client-side development and conjointly sets the bottom for alternative vital options like information binding, etc. Also, AngularJS mechanically integrates all the weather of the app. Thus, developers will use this app to form internet applications running swimmingly.

2. Two-way Binding

When unidirectional data-binding design is allowed to amend the worth of the information within the model to gift that change within the read or vice-versa. But, AngularJS offers two-way binding solutions whereby developers will amend each models and conjointly read it by amending the worth. Thus, angularjs coaching makes the career of internet developers viable; so, selecting this career can ne’er be associate degree appreciated call.

3. Directives

AngularJS extends any to hypertext mark-up language because it must have a group of constitutional options known as directives. With AngularJS, these directives will be self-created. the essential operate of those directives is to extend the practicality of the hypertext mark-up language in a very primary thanks to flip it compatible with dynamic client-side applications.

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Advantages and drawbacks of angularjs

Every framework has positive and negative aspects. Thus, AngularJS has professionals and cons too. Let’s discuss each within the following:

  1. Angularjs framework is associate degree ASCII text file JavaScript MVC framework, thus, at fund price, users will take its custom applications.
  2. it’s one page application or SPA suggests that, no more than one hypertext mark-up language web content is loaded and updated, which ends up in quick process and easy.
  3. to figure with AngularJS, users don’t have to be compelled to have expertise in any scripting language. Further, once learned AngularJS, it becomes easier to find out Javascript, CSS, and HTML.
  4. it’s built-in- attributes that may extend simply. Thus, it’s potential to increase the practicality of hypertext mark-up language in AngularJS simply by attaching a particular behavior with it.
  5. it’s a mix of MVC design. Thus, the software engineer doesn’t have to be compelled to string them along. it’s done mechanically in AngularJS. therefore it saves tons of your time.
  6. A career during this framework is appreciating. Thus, learning angularjs certificationwill cause you to secured regarding your objectives.


AnguarJS is one in every of the simplest frameworks utilized in internet applications. it’s its cons and professionals. Still, it’s a really standard application.

Also, this app contains a terribly bright scope because it can create your career viable. Thus, you ought to provides it an endeavor.

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