Why choose MBBS in Philippines?

Why choose MBBS in Philippines?


Many foreign students, and especially Indians, look out for reasonable options for studying MBBS abroad. When it comes to MBBS in the Philippines, your options become vast. There are many universities offering MBBS degrees for overseas students in the Philippines. One of the most popular universities among these, for Indian students, is the UV Gullas Medical College. The university is known to train foreign and national students alike and provide them with the best infrastructure and upgraded research methodology at an affordable price. If you do not have the option of pursuing an MBBS in any of the Governmental organizations in India, you might as well choose the private options abroad and not in the country. Pursuing MBBS in the Philippines is one of the most reasonable options open to you.

Why choose to pursue MBBS in Philippines?

Some of the main reasons why you should choose to pursue your MBBS degree in the Philippines are:

  1. There is a range of universities to choose from.
  2. There tuition fees for the universities are quite low compared to many private universities in India.
  3. The medium of instruction is English, so you need not worry about any communication barriers.
  4. You need not worry about any additional entrance examinations for eligibility into the different universities in Philippines.
  5. The living cost in Philippines is affordable for most aspirants.
  6. World-class infrastructure and modern methodology for teaching are incorporated.
  7. The colleges in the Philippines are recognized internationally.
  8. These universities follow the US form of education. Thus, the path for you to practice in the US after completion of your education becomes easy.

Eligibility Criteria for UV Gullas Medical College

UV Gullas College is one of the leading names when it comes to MBBS studies for foreign nationals in the Philippines. If you wish to opt for this college, you must know that the eligibility criteria are quite simple. To take up an MBBS course in the university, you must have a 10+2 certification in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English, securing at least 50% in the board examination. You must be above 17 years apply for the university. Furthermore, a scorecard of NEET qualification is also mandatory. Considering that you do not require any additional entrance examination, without a NEET scorecard, your application will not be accepted into UV Gullas or any other Medical university in the Philippines, for that matter.

Procedure for Applications

The procedure of applying to the universities of the Philippines is simple and quick. You must have all the documents, including Mark sheets, scorecards, and your Birth Certificate. You can fill out the application form, show your guardian’s bank statement to ensure that you can afford the education fees, have a valid foreign passport, and visa, and carry a few passport-sized photographs.

So if you are confused between the options of private colleges in India and pursuing an MBBS in the Philippines, you should consider the Philippines. As it is generally more affordable, better in terms of infrastructure, better return on investment, and provides a world-class learning experience.


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